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    U Default Picture free Joomla plugin

    You know what is happening when missing images brake your templates layout. The modules that build your homepage are not having a fail-back image and you end up with broken blocks.

    Joomla! repository have a few plugins that fill empty article's images with fail-back images. But those are set up at onContentBeforeDisplay event. If the module is set to not call this event then those plugins are not instantiated becoming useless.

    The U Default Picture plugin is filling empty images fields with a fail-back image straight in the database at onContentBeforeSave event:

    • If the article's category have a defined image the that image image is used as fail-back image in article's images fields.
    • If the article's category does not have a fail-back image, a global, site-wide image is used as fallback image in article's images fields.

    And the fail-safe images fields settings from above can be combined or used separately, for Intro Image and Full Article Image, according with the quite self explanatory plugin settings.

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